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KAINE: You are Donald Trumps apprentice. Let me talk about this… (CROSSTALK) PENCE: Senator, I think Im still on my time. KAINE: Well, I think isnt this a discussion? QUIJANO: This is our open discussion. KAINE: Yeah, lets talk about the state of… KAINE: Finish your sentence. PENCE: The Clinton Foundation accepted foreign contributions from foreign governments and foreign donors while she was secretary of state. KAINE: OK, now I can weigh in. Now… PENCE: She had a private server…

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job negotiation

Could you do something about it?” The company might agree that your worth a certain amount, but be unable to pay it. A question about whether you have other offers may be designed not to expose your weak alternatives but simply to learn what type of job search you’re conducting and whether this company has a chance of getting you. “We typically don’t hire people with your background, and we have a different culture here,” she responds. And a well-thought-out negotiation makes you look like a stronger candidate — and employee.    If you’re switching jobs rather than coming off unemployment, build in time to close out your existing job and take a holiday. 3. Obviously, when either or both parties take such apparently irrevocable positions during a negotiation, there can be no winners, only losers. He can do that much more easily without losing face if it’s never been discussed. Remember: be sure that the range you were thinking about is consistent with what you learned about the market rate salary range. 4.In addition to salary, take into consideration the employee benefit plan when evaluating an offer made by a company. It is possible to receive an offer from your second and third choice before your first choice has extended an offer.

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